If you desire to reach me, regarding broadcast or ministry inquiries, kindly leave messages for me including your contact information (please state your phone number twice), at the following number: 1-323-544-5043.

As should be readily apparent from listening to any of my programs, public acceptance and popularity are not my focus. The faithful communication of God’s Word through my church service Bible program, and my other Bible programs, and the import of the content discussed in my christian news/talk program, prevent me from permitting anything but my understanding of God’s Word and will to be determinant.

I am willing to consider relocating to the locale of a facility suitable to hold church services, or if a church congregation should desire, I am willing to consider relocating to their location. I am also willing to consider relocating to the immediate locale of a broadcasting company’s preferred home station’s broadcast facilities.

Thank you kindly,

Brad Thomas

PS –¬†Ideally, I would like to broadcast my Bible programs, including my church service program, Brad Thomas presents, “Christ’s Resurrection of Life, Body,” messages, for an hour per program (even though these programs currently are not confined to a specific time limit).